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DPF Cleaning and Repairs

At Texas DPF and Services, take service very seriously. Our expert staff incorporates our reputation of excellent customer service with highest quality and a broad range of services. Our expansive services cater to our highly discerning clients in transportation and transportation equipment. DPF and Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) Services Few things are as important in the transportation industry than maintenance of vehicles. This is especially true of diesel particulate filters (DPF). Just as a regular oil changes make all the difference in a... Learn More

A Must Have For Deer Hunters

Deer Feeder Fabrication

Texans are well-known for our love of the outdoors and appreciation of nature. Deer feeders in these parts can be quite innovative in size and design to feed deer and other wildlife. However, Texas DPF and Services understands the need for proper deer feed distribution as well as the volume of feed a deer feeder can accommodate. Metal fabrication is one of our specialty services and as such our team strives to meet customer design needs. Deer Feeder Properties The major parts of... Learn More

Stake Bed Fabrication, Trailer and Truck Repairs, And More

Metal Fabrication

What separates Texas DPF & Services from our competitors include our quality craftsmanship, innovation, and sincere customer service. For many metal fabrication projects, it takes an expert to get a welding job done. That's why we are happy to put our skills to use and get your metal fabrication projects completed with the care and attention they deserve. In order to completely fill customers' needs, we offer metal fabrication services. These services include: Trailer welding Landscape ramps for trailers Stake bed fabrication and... Learn More

Expert Liftgate Installation Services

Anthony Liftgate Installation and Repair

Texas DPF & Services knows the value of business to business relationships that result in maximum customer satisfaction. So we choose our suppliers carefully. One of the top manufacturers today is Anthony Liftgate who designs, engineers and manufactures sturdy, reliable liftgates. In the transportation and shipping and receiving industries, a liftgate is a "must have" part of daily operations. They are also the lifeblood of handymen, contractors and others who regularly tote cargo from their pickup tricks. A liftgate is a mechanical device... Learn More

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