Metal Fabrication

Stake Bed Fabrication, Trailer and Truck Repairs, And More

A truck with a custom stake bed parked in the fabrication shopWhat separates Texas DPF & Services from our competitors include our quality craftsmanship, innovation, and sincere customer service. For many metal fabrication projects, it takes an expert to get a welding job done. That's why we are happy to put our skills to use and get your metal fabrication projects completed with the care and attention they deserve.

In order to completely fill customers' needs, we offer metal fabrication services. These services include:

  • Trailer welding
  • Landscape ramps for trailers
  • Stake bed fabrication and design 
  • Flatbed fabrication and design 
  • A variety of other metal fabrication services

We have had customers come to us needing updates on trailers that they use for their landscape business, wanting solutions to make their day - to - day work flow more streamlined and efficient. For these customers, we have designed and fabricated custom ramps so they can conveniently drive their equipment off the trailer and get the job done.

Custom Stake Bed Fabrication

We are also proud to have created custom stake beds for many customers. Stake beds are the epitome of functionality - making it possible to conveniently load and unload equipment from the back of the bed and on all sides. We install hinge gates on all sides of the bed, with hinges holding them in place. Not only do they look sleek, but they help you get your job done quick and easy. 

Customers come to Texas DPF & Services for their stake bed needs. In the broad range of Texas counties we serve, stake bed trucks are part of the overall picture of daily business.

Stake beds are usually a part of flat bed trucks that carry oversized, heavy and/or odd shaped loads. This can include machinery, construction materials for building sites, various landscaping and other large equipment. Stake body trucks are ideal for hauling large loads of bags of farm feed as well as safely transporting farm animals.

Stake Bed Specifications

A stake bed is a fairly regular sight on Texas roads. They may have upright steel stakes that create the appearance of a fence to enclose cargo. A stake bed may also have metal panels of steel or aluminum that fully enclose the truck's contents to protect it during transportation.

There are different specifications for steel stake body trucks and aluminum stake body trucks. These variables in specifications depend on length, width, height and additional optional preferences such as tarp systems, hoists, fuel cells, tool boxes, etc. These are specifications our knowledgeable team of experts take into consideration for all stake bed fabrications and designs.

If you plan to use your stake bed truck for carrying heavy equipment, our staff will design and fabricate a metal racking system for greater cargo security. For metal drums and barrel cargo, our staff will fabricate a specially designed rack for added protection and safety.

Repairs For Trucks And Trailers

We at Texas DPF & Services have a proven track record of metal fabrication experience. We are a family owned business with highly skilled metal fabricators with metal fabrication experience equal to that of our decades of business in metal fabrication.

Metal fabrication is the creation of metal structures such as panels, walls and various other forms. The forms created in high grade metals is done by cutting and bending metal and then assembling metal into a variety of forms. From this process, parts, structures and machines become part of a value added design process created from metal as the raw material.

Keeping You On The Road

Texas DPF & Services understands the seriousness of truck and trailer repair that can create costly downtime. We make the need for truck and trailer fabrication repairs as convenient as possible so your vehicles can be up and running and back on the road with minimal loss of time.

Keeping transportation flowing is part of our priority. Our skilled metal fabrication team provides repairs to flat bed, truck, trailer and dump bodies. This includes repairs to panels, rails, truck crossmembers and supports.

Bring your truck or trailer in for metal fabrication repairs as soon as needed to avoid more costly repairs later. We also provide metal fabrication repairs to vintage trailers for restoration by hobbyists.

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