Deer Feeder Fabrication

A Must Have For Deer Hunters

A green, custom metal fabricated deer feeder sitting in a fieldTexans are well-known for our love of the outdoors and appreciation of nature. Deer feeders in these parts can be quite innovative in size and design to feed deer and other wildlife.

However, Texas DPF and Services understands the need for proper deer feed distribution as well as the volume of feed a deer feeder can accommodate. Metal fabrication is one of our specialty services and as such our team strives to meet customer design needs.

Quality Fabricated Deer Feeders

The major parts of our deer feeder fabrication is founded on weight, capacity, hanging versus standing position, ease of filling, funneling ability, type of deer feed, "varmint" proofing and of necessity, sturdiness and stability. Our deer feeder fabrication is designed for long wear, deer friendly/varmint unfriendly convenience. We choose highest quality metals that stand up to time and weather.

Aesthetics also pay a role in our deer feeder fabrication. This means our metal fabricators implement their creativity to fit the physical landscape and location of the deer feeder.

The size of the space where the deer feeder will be located is an important factor in the overall fabrication design. For example, Texas ranchers prefer large industrial sized deer feeders while our residential customers may choose a smaller size deer feeder to locate on their property.

Some of our customers choose two deer feeders to locate at opposite locations. Two deer feeders are a good way to keep deer fed and away from gardens and flower beds around homes and businesses.

Custom Deer Feeder Designs

Deer feeders at Texas DPF & Services are fabricated from unique designs such as rectangular, vertical or, for our customers who want custom fabrication of deer feeders, bring in your design ideas and discuss them with our team of fabrication experts.

Our deer feeders can be fabricated with weather coverings over the metal feed trough. We can also fabricate metal deer feeders in free standing funnel, barrel, manger, bucket or a variety of other designs. In addition to our custom designed metal deer feeder fabrication, we also offer deer feeder accessories ready for purchase including metal varmint cages and metal parts added to deer feeders to affix lights and feed timers.

Where To Put Your Deer Feeder

Texas hunters should choose a deer feeder location for maximum deer attraction. To do this, take notice of the deer trends in your location before you choose the best site for your feeder. Like most animals deer are curious when a new addition to the habitat suddenly appears. Don't expect deer to immediately adjust to the sight of your new feeder.

Use typical hunter strategy when enticing deer to feed at your feeder location. This strategy includes the type of deer feed you plan to use. Discuss the best type of deer feed with your local farm, ranch or feed store. The basics for deer feeder location choices are areas where deer are seen most often in search of food.

In most cases, variations in seasons affect deer feeding trends and feeding frequency. In heavily wooded areas where there is likely to be plentiful and readily accessible food such as berries and other wild pickings, deer feeding at feeders may decrease slightly.

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